Fall 2020 Home Decor Trends: Interior Design Inspiration

Fall 2020 Home Decor Trends: Interior Design Inspiration

Ahhh Fall, the season of crisp air, hayrides and pumpkin spice. As temperatures begin to drop and the leaves change so will home decor trends. Welcome the new Fall 2020 season into your home by combining your interior design styles with Autumnal hues for a "curated over time" feel. Complimentary colored accent pieces and accessories add the perfect pop of eye catching personality to any space. Playing with similar shades in differing textures and materials, work to bring all of this Fall's trends into your own cozy sanctuary.

Take a look at the Fall 2020 home decor trends to inspire your interior design this season.

fall 2020 home decor trends


Furnish your space with natural textures such as linen, jute and rattan, to create a calming, tactile environment to unwind in. Earth tones easily translate into any room. Try a rattan accent table or a live edged console table, to replace your traditional pieces, for a fresh seasonal change. Pile on plush pillows and a chunky cable knit throw in complimentary warm hues, that invoke thoughts of hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks and warm pumpkin bread! You won't want to get out of bed!

fall 2020 home decor trends


Both sight and touch dominate in our relationship to materials. They are intimate experiences. Leather wrapped pieces can create a restful environment, playful element, or an edgy addition, to a harmonious whole. A dark green leather or warm cocoa colored leather accent chair conjures up an invitation to curl up by a fire (real or imagined). A leather, or velvet wrapped bench, at the foot of the bed, in a warm white, adds additional seating to get ready in the morning, or a place to toss your robe at bedtime.

fall 2020 home decor trends

Vintage Accents:

As Autumn approaches, think vintage occasional chairs or side tables, for your bedrooms' corner. Don't worry, buy pieces you love and a place will be found for them. A mixture of carefully chosen antiques, whether a mahogany family heirloom, a flamboyant gilded mirror in gold, or a mid-century modern style sideboard, vintage pieces enrich our lives with beauty and soul. To us, vintage is a synonym for classic, a contribution from the past that we want to bring into the future. Recycling the old, to blend with the new.

Country Chic:

To get a modern country vibe, pick light toned wooden furniture with slim lines. Stylish rattan designs, keep a hint of summer all year round. When you feel the hint of a cool breeze and crisp air, Fall is just around the corner. Words like; cozy, warm and snug come to mind. Simple additions like this Falls' trend of plaid in black and white, on pillows, throws and blankets make an delightful transition, from summer to fall. Combine them with golden yellows, coral oranges and olive and jade tones of green, for a comfy retreat!

Black Lux:

Black is perennially the last word in style. It is synonymous with luxury and mystery. As an accent or dominant piece, its message is a powerful one. Blacks' various incarnations, intersect where "classic," meets "elegance," meets "modern edge." An effortless border between the old and the new. From bare, to matte, to velvet, black has wide color ranges and textural variations that can provide warm Fall layers with depth or visual intrigue without compromising clean sophistication.

fall 2020 home decor trends

Oversized Art:

Art is a central component of our lives. It can invigorate your room while making it unique and personal. Large scale wall art, being one of the top Fall 2020 home decor trends, creates a statement in your home and can be a beautiful conversational piece. Shop our beautiful collection of artwork to enhance your home!

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