The Luxury Interior Lighting Guide

The Luxury Interior Lighting Guide

Lighting is essential to glamour. The right glow can make even a closet glamorous. Consider the importance, in all cases of appropriate luxury lighting. Whether it be for computer work, general ambience, or as an interior design element. When presented with well considered options, your choices of lighting are destined to present themselves, where it best suits the needs at the moment. The level and quality of light, also has a strong effect on what happens in a space.

Light originating from a low source, be it lamps, sconces, candles, fire light or even a lowered chandelier, reduces scale. It not only corrects chilling volumes but warms and enriches, texture, color and focus, creating a sensation of containment and hones the conversation. Introduced into a larger space these elements create islands of intimacy.

Interior design made simple, read our luxury interior lighting guide to help you create a exquisite, well-lighted home.


luxury lighting guide chandeliers


The true purpose of the chandelier, is to make guests feel they are in a special place. A luxurious chandelier with it's many branches for holding bulbs or even candles, will welcome your guests in high style! Chandeliers looks equally as elegant in an entry hall or foyer, as it does suspended above your living room. An exquisitely faceted chandelier, can become the "crown(ing) jewels," of your space! 


luxury lighting guide table lamps

Table Lamps

Lighting, from lamps on a credenza provide eye level light. This ambient lighting avoids creating harsh shadows. A silk or linen lamp shade allows light to diffuse through the shade providing a gentle glow, while a thick paper or metal shade gives a dramatic light. Always have a lamp by each chair. Nothing's worse than having a lonely chair with no table and no light.


luxury lighting guide pendant kitchen

Pendant Lighting

Pendant or overhead lighting is necessary to highlight art and objects. To fill dark areas where there are no opportunities for lamps or sconces. The lower the pendant the more intimate the light it emits will be.


luxury lighting guide floor lamps

Floor lamps

Floor lamps can serve several functions. Some as art pieces in themselves, or as task lighting for an area without room for a table and lamp. A task floor lamp for reading in a cozy nook is one example. A statement piece for separating an open floor plan is another. While an arched floor lamp over a free-standing tub serves yet another purpose.


luxury lighting guide wall sconce

Wall Sconces

Besides their usefulness framing wall art, as ambient, accent lighting, wall sconces for dressing tables and vanities in bathrooms are another place where eye level lighting is essential. Sconces are needed to light the face.


luxury lighting guide lanterns


Lanterns and votive candles, burn romantically alongside conventional lighting, imparting an extra sense of warmth. Have you ever noticed how everyone looks lovely in the glow of candlelight? The power of inspired lighting, is the design element that softens and beautifies, enhancing the creation of a room.


luxury lighting guide natural light

Natural light

As always, natural light is the most sought after in home design. A most welcoming and hoped for feature in home purchasing. Whether from sliders, bay windows, open barn doors, skylights or floor to ceiling windows. Natural light casts your room in its best light!

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